How to Make a Blog Unique And Successful

The usual thing is that it can be updated once a day but few users renew it so assiduously. Some bloggers explain their day to day, others publish specialized articles referring to professions or hobbies, others dedicate their space to curiosities or topics such as cinema, literature or gastronomy.But, regardless of the style of the articles, all blogs have a common denominator: they want to be read and share opinions. Here are some tips to get more reading and participation in your web space.

The first steps

The biggest advantage of the blog is the freedom it offers. It has an infinite number of possibilities, but for those who are not yet familiar with it, it may cost them something more to take advantage of.The first thing is to know and read other blogs, whether recommended by friends, professional colleagues or in Internet forums. Already with a more or less defined idea or project will have to decide the tool to use, some examples are:

  • Simple and in Spanish: La Coctelera
  • To customize the blog: Blogger, Typepad
  • Advanced Features Capability: WordPress, MovableType

Some users have more than one blog, each with different themes. But the truth is that taking care of them takes a lot of time and dedication. A recommendation is to choose well the topic on which to write.The most important thing is that you care and like it, make it fun for the blogger. Otherwise working on it will be a heavy task and the readers will perceive it.Another condition to choose the theme is the knowledge one has of it, the more one knows something easier is to surprise readers with curious data, new or original points of view.It is evident that the writer does not know everything and that he resorts to other sources. It is not necessary to hide it, in reverse, the most correct is to cite the origin of the information that is offered and / or offer a link to it.It is necessary to take care of certain habits and to take into account to the visitors, to write for them with clarity, without too many technicalities, with contrasted information so that they do not feel deceived, with ethics and respect and, obviously, to answer its can visit unfair mario.

Designing an original blog

Originality always has positive effects, it is a perfect tool for others to remember. There are a lot of blogs and most are taken out of the same predesigned pattern so they are almost the same.For starters, you can serve a template by default but if you want to go further and impress the reader it is best to hire a designer who creates a much more personal and expressive blog. If it is not possible, at least it is advisable to change the logo and / or colors.Colors are a much larger tool than they may seem at first glance. The color / es of the blog is the first thing that is appreciated, the first impression (good or bad) is given by the design of the web and its colors.They are associated with emotions and have different connotations depending on the context. With their combinations you can achieve very varied effects. There are dictionaries of color that would be a perfect guide to design a web space.

The post

The text of the post can not disappoint, it has to be entertaining, constructive and attractive. For this it is imperative to take care of the way of writing, the literary resources, the structure, the spelling, etc. There are many spaces on the web dedicated to giving advice on how to write good texts.

  • Hold well:

The title is what will make the navigator decide to visit a certain blog. It is the presentation phrase that is read in the search engines. So, the title should be explicit and as striking as possible.

Be faithful to the theme:

In order to keep the readers who are already regulars, the theme that was decided at the beginning must be respected as much as possible. Readers expect to find more information on a particular topic and it is possible that if they are disappointed do not go back to visit the blog. The flexibility is great but it is advisable not to lose the north.

Post in the morning:

As a rule, people usually visit their favorite sites in the morning, so it’s a good time to update the blog. The important thing is that the visitor find something new as often as possible so that their interest is maintained.It also depends on what you want to publish, if it is a news it will be better to publish it at the moment it is achieved. If, on the other hand, it is a timeless matter, it can be more flexible.


To make a proper calendar of publications should take into account the life of articles (whether it is timeless topics or breaking news), the actual availability of the author and the attitude of the audience, blogs usually receive fewer visits On weekends but each space has its own characteristics.

To have fun:

Some games circulate online to apply to blogs. The grace is to get to know each other better among the visitors of a blog, to interact and to know others.

The Meme:

They publish a series of questions with their corresponding answers and at the end of the post they indicate the five names of people who will do the same, so you can follow the trail of Meme and meet many new bloggers. An example:

  • Number of Movies You’ve Purchased
  • Last purchased movie
  • Last I saw
  • Next I will see
  • Five movies that I see a lot or that have some meaning for me
  • The addition: take the nearest book, open it on page 23, search the fifth sentence and post it on your blog
  • Another curious game but something more complex is the Festival of Blogs.
  • How to write good comments

The comments that are left on other blogs is one of the main tools to make themselves known and encourage reading the blog itself. Even if they are addressed to someone concrete will read many more people who may be attracted to the text and go to find more information about the author.The first thing is to decide the signature, it does not have to be the real name of the one who writes but it is important that it is always the same so that the readers identify the author and so they can remember. Anyway, we must bear in mind that IP is always present in each comment so total anonymity is difficult to achieve.

Before writing a blog, especially if it is the first time you visit, it is advisable to first read what other people have written. This is how style, humor or irony are known, possible misunderstandings are avoided, and it is easier to write something interesting for readers, as there may be some conversation to follow. The best attitude is always respect and positivism.

It is good to return after a while to those discussions in which you have participated, the conversation may have evolved or questions have been asked which would be well answered to maintain the feed-back.At the end of the day what is done in blogs is to establish relationships with other people. And we must maintain and care for them. This does not mean that you always have to leave a post to have the maximum number of links, it is not advised to spam, the quality and interest over the quantity should prevail.The language and mode of expression of the blog is unique, it is not a sms to a friend. One must also be careful here with the spelling and the expression.

Increase the number of visits

It is clear that if a web space receives few visits will also be scarce its readership. But you have to be careful with this premise because it is not fulfilled one hundred percent in reverse.That is, a high number of visits does not imply the same thing in readers. If the visitor finds the web boring or heavy it will pass without reading it and obviously will not return.The ideal is to apply the following list of “tricks” to increase visits when a good product has already been designed. Once you have created an original and interesting blog is when you can move on to promote it, so you will make the most of all efforts and will be easier to get occasional readers to become loyal followers.

Include the blog address in the mail signature.

  • Add URL to Google.
  • Offer the option that users can send an email with the post of the day.
  • Enable the input pages in the menu options. So every post will have its own independent website and when someone searches for
  • something on Google, the search engine will have more links.
  • Design a button for the blog with a code that other users can copy and paste in your sidebar.
  • Enroll in search engines like: Technorati, Daypop (they are specific for blogs).
  • Read these tips on how to increase visits to your blog.
  • Blogs are a whole new world full of possibilities and utilities, everyone is responsible for their space on the web, the way you want
  • to give and what you want to get with it. Here are just some general considerations to start and take into account but the limit is
  • in the imagination of each. But it’s always good to read some tips to make your blog unique and successful.

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