What is The PageRank, Domain Authority and Page Authority

There are different measures to know the relevance of a web page or a particular url. For a long time we have been talking about PageRank and the webs were trying to increase their PR in every possible way, but over time this form of measurement has been losing weight against other factors. Terms such as the domain authority or the page authority have been gaining importance, to the point that we can now know more in detail what is the relevance of a page on the Internet.As we know that these sometimes are not known, we will try to differentiate between PageRank, domain authority and page authority, setting a simple example so you can see the difference between the three.

What is page rank

PageRank is a measure created by Google, where we know that web pages have a PR between 0 and 10. A newly created page will have a PR of 0. As you get inbound links and gain importance, your PR increases. These numbers between 0 and 10 are a convention because in fact the exact PageRank we do not know.

Anyway, if you look, a higher PR does not mean a higher web positioning. Google takes into account other elements that are not included in PageRank. Hence, sometimes we see a page with a PR of 1 positioned above one with a PR of 3.

What is The PageRank, Domain Authority and Page Authority

What is the domain authority

The domain authority or dominion authority (DA) is an alternative to PageRank. Developed by SEOMoz, it measures the authority, trust or credibility of our website, based on a classification from 0 to 100 (100 being the maximum). The higher our DA, the better positioned our domain will be and, therefore, we will generally get more visits.if you want to increase your domain authority click here to read.

What is the page authority

The page authority (also known as PA or page authority) measures on a scale of 0 to 100 the odds that a particular URL has to position itself well on Google SERPs. It is a measuring instrument developed by the company SEOMoz.

What is the purpose of the page authority? To know, in particular, what is the importance of individual pages, regardless of the domain in which they are. A domain can be very good and that will affect the page authority, but not all pages within a domain have the same value, nor will they be poised equally well.

I hope this article has been useful to you to distinguish the difference between PR, DA and PA, that is, between PageRank, domain authority and page authority. If you want to know what these data is on your website, I recommend that you use the SEOMoz toolbar.

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