Spotify can now be used on mobile phones without the need for a premium account

Spotify basically works with two different user modes. Free profiles can listen to streaming music for a limited time per month and support ads every three or four songs. Premium users, more fortunate, have access, spending 9.99 euros per month, to the unlimited reproduction, and without announcements in the breaks, of the entire extensive library with which it has a musical service, same features can be found in spotify mod apk if you’re having Android device.


Until now, the free profiles had another drawback: they could only access the program from the computer. Premiums, however, have always had the privilege of listening to their musical whims from any mobile device, anytime, anywhere, provided they have an Internet connection. They even have the option to download their favorite lists offline and play them without having to spend megabytes or connect to any WiFi.

But things have changed this Wednesday. With the intention of further expanding its borders, Spotify has announced that, from now on, Free profiles will be able to access the service from mobile phones and tablets. Of course, they will have to continue listening to the advertising spots and the reproduction of their lists or of the chosen albums will be random.

They will not be able to choose a certain song to listen to at a specific moment. Actually, what will be free for users will be Spotify Shuffle. They can choose one of their playlists (or, failing that, any other list already created by another user or an artist in particular) and give it to play. With the option to skip the ones you do not like, but without the possibility of choosing a specific one.

In addition to this change was used in its modalities, the leading streaming music service has announced its arrival in 20 new countries, most of Latin America, and the incorporation of Led Zeppelin in its catalog. Spotify has 24 million users, 6 million subscribed to some of the payment methods. In 2013, 4,500 hours of music were played and 1,500 million playlists were created.

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